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Issue: 15, 6/30/24

Year: 2024

The main purpose of the biannually published Bulletin of Palestine Studies Filistin-FİAD’ın ( Filistin Araştırmaları Dergisi | כתב העת ללימודים פלסטיניים | مجلة دراسات فلسطينية) is to provide a platform for academicians and researchers to publish studies in the different field of Social and humanities especially in history, theology, and politics. It also aims to encourage interdisciplinary studies in the fields of Palestine/ Israel. It also aims to encourage interdisciplinary studies in the fields of Palestine/ Israel.

As a multidisciplinary, open-access, and peer-reviewed research journal The Bulletin of Palestine Studies publishes original works in all disciplines relevant to Palestine/Israel studies that are based on analysis and research conducted in accordance with the scientific method. It covers traditional disciplines such as politics, international relations, history, theology and sociology also welcomes interdisciplinary studies such as Middle East studies, conflict management etc. provided that it is related to Palestine/Israel studies.
It is the oldest continuously published academic journal (since 2017) and one of the most respected ones in the fields of Palestine studies in Turkey. Therefore the Bulletin of Palestine Studies pays close attention to the studies on Palestine /Israel and Turkology.
The Journal considers articles in Turkish, English, and Arabic, languages.

Note: Please prepare your manuscript using the MS Word article template provided below. Our journal has decided to publish all articles with English Extended Abstract starting from 2024.

If the article do not comply with the writing rules, it is returned to the author.

Click here for the Article Template. 

1. Articles to be sent to the journal must be written in new versions of MS WORD.

2. Manuscripts submitted for publication must include an abstract, bibliography and an extended summary of at least 750-1000 words.

3.. Title, Institution (University, Faculty, Department), city/country, email and ORCID information must be complete in the article.

4. Articles to be sent to the journal must contain "title", "abstract" and "keywords" in Turkish and English.

5. The article abstract must consist of at least 250 words.

6. “Keywords” should include at least 5 words and phrases that show what the topic is about.

7. The sources used in the article should be given both in footnotes and in the bibliography.

8. The bibliography should be edited according to the writing rules of  The Chicago Manual of Style 16

9. APPENDICES are listed at the end of the article as APPENDIX 1.. Additional titles are written in 8-point font at the top of the shared photo.

10. Footnotes should be edited according to the writing rules of The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition.

11. The font should be "Palatino Linotype."

12. The font size should be "10 points.”

13. The article text must be sent within the article template on the website.

14. Article text line spacing should be set to "Single".

The Bulletin of Palestine Studies is a free, international peer-reviewed journal that is published online and in print twice a year and accepts academic research in the fields of Palestine, Israel, Jerusalem, Turkey's Palestine Policy, and Judaism. Our journal continues its publishing activities on the principle of objectively sharing and disseminating the information revealed by academic research in accordance with the public interest. Our journal applies international publishing and ethical principles by adopting an impartial evaluation process. Accordingly, the articles submitted to our journal must be original articles based on research and must not contain plagiarism. If a situation that violates academic ethical rules regarding an article published in our journal occurs, the violation must be reported via electronic message.

Bulletin of Palestine Studies adopts a no-fee-based policy. It has no direct or indirect subsidies from institutions like universities, association, or revenue from advertising services, membership dues; however it relies on volunteerism. Bulletin does not charge any fees for article submission, article-editorial processing or publication charges. No fee is paid to the author and no fee is charged for the published articles in Bulletin of Palestine Studies. Articles are available free of charge in print and digital.

 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International LicenseClick for more information.


Filistin Araştırmaları Dergisi- FAD

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[כתב העת ללימודים פלסטיניים]

[مجلة دراسات فلسطينية ]

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